my night

another busy weekend!
weekend should be relax right? but sigh.. i'm busy on my job.
today really busy, i got no time to take my meal!
i just drank 3 cups of milk until now.
might be caused of that i feel headache and tired.
tomorrow i'm gotta busy too! i got an appointment with a wedding gallery for photography.
tonight i'm going to have my 1st meal with my bunch of friends at Penang.
after that, we will having our movie at cinema.
i think we gonna watch comedy.
i'm going to hanging with my buddies, although we enjoy our weekend night without night life, alcohol, music or dancing but i appreciate every moment spending with them.
it's awesome!
pretty cool right??
i'm not going flirt around or cheat around.
thats my way to enjoy my life!
my freedom is here, holding on my hand.
that's my wise choice!
whisper from my heart, i wish all of my friends stay happy always specially to u ''Feng'' (a guy appears in my life once before) wish u happy all the time with your lover now.
i do miss u.. just sometimes, some moment.


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