sweet ~.^

27.10.2010 星期三 4.26PM 阴

it's sweet when someone said
''i miss you more than u miss me''

it's sweeter when someone asked
''what you doing now?''

it's sweetest when someone said
''don't know why i always think of you recently. pls stop doing what u doing to me. i warn u seriously!''

it's just so sweet when someone touched your hair then held your face, looked into your eyes and asked
''Are you tired?''

well, everything were pretty sweet when that ''someone'' is *YOU* -wink-

3 条评论:

Sasa 说...

really sweet wor~~~
Sometimes just because some words some action,than it will make us feel very sweet~~
Btw,also depends on the person who do it for you la...
sure that person is special for u ya...right??

魔恋红尘 说...

yes, so women just not as complicated as ppl think! see,how simple we are?! just a small thing can make us feel happy and sweet! haha..

nons 说... sweet sweet loh~ enjoy it,haha!

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